Doctors/ Nurses/HCA

If you specifically wish to see the doctor of your choice, reception staff will be happy to discuss availability and appointment times with you.

We also occasionally have locum doctors. These are doctors who cover for us whilst our permanent doctors are away on leave. They are fully qualified and experienced doctors, who are registered on the supplementary list with The Primary Care Trust. We also have GP Registrars, GPs in training and Foundation Doctors working at this practice; a GP Registrar is a fully qualified doctor who is training to be a GP. A Foundation Doctor is also fully qualified in the earlier stage of their training. A partner always supervises their work.We are a training practice and will, from time to time, have doctors, nurses and medical students learning, by sitting in on consultations, seeing our patients, or videoing consultations. Your permission will always be sought prior to the consultation. If you do not wish to have a student present during your consultation or to be videoed, please inform a member of the reception team. This will not affect your treatment in any way whatsoever.

Dr Patrick Hutt Dr Patrick Hutt GP Partner Dr Samantha Perera Dr Samantha Perera GP Partner Dr Kaindon Kugathas Dr Kaindon Kugathas GP Partner Dr Satish Yaganti Dr Satish Yaganti GP Partner Dr Emily Woolridge Dr Emily Woolridge GP Partner Dr Gemma Kelvin Dr Gemma Kelvin Salaried GP Dr Sopiya Rajaratnam Dr Sopiya Rajaratnam Salaried GP Dr Joanne Gill Dr Joanne Gill Salaried GP Dr David Barry Dr David Barry Salaried GP Elizabeth Hennessey Elizabeth Hennessey Practice Nurse Theresa Pokuaa Theresa Pokuaa Practice Nurse Rakiya Abdi Rakiya Abdi HCA