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How does our appointment system work? 

It replaces the need to call on the day for an appointment.

The Klinik platform asks you submit information relevant to your concerns which are then reviewed by a duty doctor (clinical queries) or the reception team (non-clinical queries). We believe our system help us to help you to get to the right person, at the right time, and at the right place. 81% of patients describe their experience of using the platform as either good or excellent. 

The Klinik platform was launched at Queensbridge Group Practice in October 2023 to improve access to healthcare.

What happens once my information has been submitted?

All forms submitted regarding a clinical query are reviewed by the duty doctor- normally within 30-60 minutes of submission. Urgent clinical queries are prioritised for a rapid review by the duty doctor. Occasionally you may be contacted to provide more information to help make this decision. The duty doctor decides on the most appropriate appointment based on clinical need and the preferences you express. 

Is it quicker to phone?

All queries are processed via the Klinik platform. If you call or present to the reception team in person - they will submit your query on your behalf. The time it takes for a clinician to review the form submitted is the same whether you call, attend the practice to speak to our reception team, or submit the request online. 

When will I get an appointment?

Urgent clinical queries are normally prioritised for a same day appointment: please keep your phone available to receive a call from the reception team to confirm the appointment time.  The second category of appointment are those where the duty doctor thinks we need to assess you within 2-3 working days. The reception team will call you - typically on the day of submission - to confirm your appointment.  For routine clinical queries we aim to contact you within 48 hours to confirm your appointment over the next two weeks. 

What does 'right place' mean? Are you going to send me elsewhere? 

There may be times when it makes sense to go elsewhere. For example, for some eye conditions there is a local Minor Eye Conditions Service specifically for the local population. Or there may be conditions, such as athlete's foot, that can be better managed by one of the local pharmacies. The vast majority of clinical requests are offered appointments with doctors here at the practice. 

Extended Hours Consultations

Queensbridge Group Practice provides evening consultations between 6.30pm and 8.00pm. There are by appointment only for non-urgent clinical queries. They are typically carried out by telephone. The clinics operate on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you have a strong preference for these time slots please indicate this when requesting an appointment. We will do our best to accommodate them subject to availability.

How can I support the practice?

The more people who use the online platform, the more we can free up the reception team to support those who require assistance. It is for this reason that should you call us, our reception staff will ask whether you can fill in a online form and if you can, will kindly ask you to do so. When completing the online form please try to provide as much information as possible. It is helpful to know if you have a preference to be seen face-face, whether you have any times that you are unavailable to attend, and if you have a preference to see a particular clinician. 

Unable to use the internet?

Please call or come to reception

Queensbridge practice is always looking to protect our vulnerable patients. This is especially important as services move towards digital solutions. Vulnerable patients (such as our frail patients) can continue to call us on our telephone number and our reception staff will be more than happy to fill in a Klinik form on your behalf. 

We encourage our patients whom have difficulties with or cannot access the internet to also contact us on our telephone line. If it is hard to contact us by phone you are welcome to present to reception. Alternatively, you can ask for a friend or family member to submit an enquiry on your behalf. We have Turkish advocates present in reception on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. We also have access to telephone and BSL interpreters. 

We are working with our patient participation group Queensbridge Together to provide training for people who would like support using the internet.  Please remember that calling does not mean that your enquiry will be prioritised more urgently than if you submit an enquiry online. All queries are assessed by the duty doctor based on clincal need.

Our telephone number is 020 7254 1101.


If you require an interpreter, please let us know when requesting an appointment. We have access to in person and phone interpreting services. Turkish advocates at present at the practice on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

We can arrange for BSL interpreters: please let us know in advance where possible as unfortunately they can take a few days to arrange.