On the 31st of October 2023 we will launch our new online consultation platform with Klinik. This will replace the previous platform. We are very excited. 

Why is this happening? 
The current platform EMIS online consultation will no longer operate after the 31st of October. An NHS contractual requirement means that we have to provide all patients with some form of advice/appointment every time they make contact with the practice. In other words, avoiding telling people to call back and try again later. We have chosen the new platform Klinik from a range of NHS approved providers because we believe it will be easier for patients to use. We believe this will help us to help you to get to the right person, at the right time, and at the right place. 

What does this mean for me? 
Your experience of accessing the practice may feel slightly different. If you are presenting with a new medical problem – you be required to provide more information about your symptoms. This is to help ensure that we offer you the most appropriate advice, treatment or further ongoing assessment. 
No matter what method you use to contact the practice – we will ask you to complete the information requested by the clinical portal. If you phone the practice, the reception team will complete the form on your behalf asking you to provide the relevant information. If you present to reception – the reception team will support you to provide the relevant information. We hope that this promotes equity of access. Clinicians will review all clinical queries to ensure that you are booked with the most appropriate member of the team. For example, there may be instances where the team decide that it makes more sense for you to have a blood test first prior to seeing the GP.

What about non-medical queries? 
The new online platform will provide different options to ask questions which should be easier to navigate than the previous ones.

Are there any other benefits? 
Some of our patient feedback has refererenced the challenge of trying to book routine appointments. We hope that the structure of our new appointment system will mean that we can open up more routine appointments over a 2-4 period so you can book an appointment with the right person at the right time for you.

What does 'right place' mean? Are you going to send me elsewhere?
The practice will manage the vast majority of people who make contact. We pride ourselves on our patient care. Yet there may be times when it makes sense to go elsewhere. For example, for some eye conditions there is a local Minor Eye Conditions Service specifically for the local population. It may be more appropriate that you attend this service in the first instance.

What if I do not have a computer? 
We are here to help. Call up and the reception team will take the relevant information over the phone. You also welcome to come into the practice reception area and ask for help completing the form.  You can also ask someone to help complete a form on your behalf.

What if I require a translator ?
The platform is only provided in one language at present. We shall continue to provide access to interpreting services – both in person (Turkish advocates on site Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon) and via our telephone interpreting service.

How can I help? 
Please support us by trying to use the new platform where possible. The more people can use it (those who are able) the more phone time we will free up for those who need assistance to submit the required information. The reception team are likely to ask for more information from you – please support us by doing so. Please feedback any comments.

Does this relate to any other projects happening at the practice? 
Yes. We are working hard to improve patient access in line with NHS recommendations. We have a new phone system that allows people to request a call back rather than waiting on hold. It also has better call queing technology which we hope will minimise the amount of time people wait to get through to us.