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Requests For Re-Referral To Hospital

Please note that if you have been discharged from hospital because you did not attend an appointment, but need to be re-referred, please complete the below online form

When doctors at this practice refer patients to a hospital, 1 in every 8 patients fails to attend their first appointment. This will delay diagnosis and treatment of your medical problem, and makes the waiting list longer for other patients.

You have asked your GP to complete another referral because the hospital tells us that you did not attend your outpatient appointment. Queensbridge Group Practice are trying to better understand why people do not attend to see if there are things we can do to reduce missed appointments for the following reasons: 

  • The average cost of one missed outpatient attendance is approximately £265
  • 6.9 million hospital outpatient appointments in England are missed each year.

Please make sure you attend your hospital appointments, and contact the hospital to cancel appointments if you cannot attend.

Please complete the following information in order to request a re-referral: 

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