Nursing & Attached Staff

Health Visitor

A health visitor is available during baby clinics for developmental concerns, support and advice. The practice provides child health surveillance services, immunisations, contraceptive services, antenatal and postnatal care as well as minor surgery.

District Nurses

District nurses have specialist training in caring for people at home. Referrals are arranged by the doctor or practice nurse.


Midwives from the Homerton Hospital run the antenatal clinic on Thursdays.

Practice Nurse

Our nursing team provides a range of nursing and screening services. In addition she runs the anti-coagulation clinic and provides travel consultations.

Health Care Assistant

We offer blood test clinics during the week, and also offers NHS Health Checks for patients aged 40 to 74, and checks for people at risk of heart disease or diabetes,


Dr Price can see patients who have been referred by the doctors. He attends once a month at the practice.


We have a Turkish health advocate available here on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon working with the doctors.

We also can arrange for other advocates, including Bengali, Chinese, Spanish etc, by appointment.

Family Action - Hackney Well Family Service

They provide both emotional and practical support by giving one-to-one advice on benefits, housing, debt and financial difficulties. This is a self-referral service.

See reception for a referral form.

Self-Help Facilitators

They offer one-to-one counselling and offer self-help solutions. They are here on Thursday mornings and on Friday afternoons.

You need to see the doctor to be referred.

First Steps - Child Psychologist

They provide early intervention into behavioural problems, crying, toileting, parenting and other family issues. This is a self-referral and doctor initiative service.

See reception for a referral form. Reception and Administration Staff


Local Services, Let
Local Services, Let