Blood Pressure Machine Appointments During Covid 19


Blood Pressure Machine Appointments During Covid 19 - instructions for patients 


To minimise patient contact time within the practice we have moved the blood pressure machine just inside the entrance to reception. Please read the following information prior to attending the practice.

If you have symptoms of Covid 19 or have been instructed to stay at home due to a household contact/instructions from a health instruction please do not attend the practice. Please call to reschedule your appointment 

Before visiting the practice please ensure you have washed your hands and your forearms. Please wear a face mask/scarf covering your nose and mouth, gloves and loose fitting top. If you do not have these items please let the reception team know

Please attend the practice at your scheduled blood pressure appointment time. At your scheduled appointment time please buzz reception on arrival and let them know your name and date of birth. They will let you in.  


Sit for 5 minutes on a chair beside the machine prior to having your blood pressure taken. This is to ensure accurate readings. 


Please wipe down inside the machine using one of the wipes provided 

Follow the instructions on the machine to take the reading.


Wait for the print out and when ready remove it from the machine.


Wipe down machine.  


Signal to the reception team that you have completed the reading. They will read the blood pressure reading through the glass.

The reception team will check the results and let you know whether you have to speak to the doctor or repeat the reading. Unless there is a significant concern they will alert your usual doctor regarding the reading who will contact you if any changes to your medication are required.


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