A Letter from the Prime Minister to the Nation

A Letter from the Prime Minister to the Nation

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Things have changed a lot because of the coronavirus.

Life is much harder for everyone - for us, our friends and our families.

Rule Book

But the new rules about staying home and keeping safe are very important. They are helping the NHS do its work.

Man with an oxygen mask with the NHS sign

If the NHS gets too busy it cannot help everybody, and some people will die.

We have to slow down the spread of coronavirus so less people need hospital.

Man sat on a chair

The best way to slow the spread is for everybody to stay at home.

Two men sat on a bench shaking hands with a stop sign over the top

It is not ok to meet any friends and family you don’t live with until we have stopped the coronavirus spreading.

The only times it is OK to go out are

Image of food, a person doing exercise, a man getting his prescription and key workers

- to get food or medicine
- to exercise once a day
- to get medical help
- to work if you are a keyworker

Three people keeping 2 metres apart

You can go out alone or with people you live with but you must keep 2 metres away from everyone else at all times.

A policewoman writing something in her notebook. A man is sat in the back of her car

If you break these rules the police can make you move on or pay a fine.

A man showing a chart

I want you to understand how important this is. Things will get worse before they get better again.

Rule Book

But if you follow all the rules it will help things get back to normal quicker.

Plus sign

We may also need extra rules in the future to stop people moving around and spreading coronavirus.

A nurse, a doctor and a lady NHS worker

I want to thank all the NHS and care workers. It is amazing to see the work they do. So many people are coming together and helping.

An ambulance and a NHS staff member

This is a national emergency. But we can beat the coronavirus together.

Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister


Local Services, Let
Local Services, Let